API Separator Covers

Although API separator basins can emit noxious vapors, ALLENTECH “HC” Full-Contact Oil Water Separator Cover systems eliminate the hazardous emissions and offensive smells coming from API separator basins, mitigating health and safety issues for workers and nearby residents, improving relationships with the greater community.

Allentech API Separator Covers are custom designed for each specific project based on operational and emission reduction requirements as well as customer specifications. Floating covers are constructed from high-strength, seal-welded aluminum honeycomb modules with no exposed adhesives. Each module is pressure-tested to 10 psi with a helium/air mixture and certified leak-free prior to shipment. When required, fixed covers are available in aluminum, or galvanized or stainless steel.

ALLENTECH API Separator Covers satisfy regulatory requirements and improve the overall safety of a refinery’s wastewater plant.

API Separator Cover Typical Specifications 01-07
API Separator Cover 06-06