Cable Suspension - Because of the benefits of cable suspension systems, leg-supported internal aluminum floating roofs are becoming obsolete.

Cable Suspension

Most owners now recognize the benefits of cable suspending their aluminum internal floating roofs.

Those benefits are:

  • Reduced emissions — based on U.S.E.P.A. figures, cable suspension systems reduce emissions on average size tanks by approximately 30%
  • Reduced maintenance costs — because there are no legs, tank cleaning, bottom repairs and replacements and bottom coating are significantly easier
  • The ability to change IFR settings from the fixed roof eliminates in-service entries to change leg settings or jacking of the IFR when the tank is removed from service. IFR settings can be changed at any level as long as the IFR is in flotation at a level above the high setting.
  • Optional three position settings (standard design is two settings) are available so that the IFR can be suspended at the low position, the maintenance position, or at any other pre-determined elevation which the owner selects

Cable suspension systems are available for new aluminum internal floating roofs or can be retrofit on almost any existing aluminum internal floating roof.

Most times, the IFR can be suspended from fixed steel roofs or aluminum domes without any modifications. Analysis of the roof structure is recommended prior to installing a cable suspension system. This analysis can be provided by ALLENTECH or a third party if desired.

Our design utilizes only the best materials available to meet the API recommended Load Combination for Floating Roof Supports (API 650, Annex H. and H. using a safety factor of 5 on the cables and connections, including ¼” [6.35mm] stainless steel wire rope fitted with load-rated compression sleeves and stainless steel hardware.

Since we installed our first cable suspended internal floating roof in 1995, most of our customers have come to realize the benefits and now specify suspended internal floating roofs.

Cable Suspension Systems

Cable Suspended Internal Floating Roof

Customers choose our Cable Suspended Internal Floating Roofs because cable suspension reduces emissions as well as tank cleaning, inspection, and maintenance costs. Watch for yourself why it's the leading roof solution that can save you significant costs on tank maintenance and repairs.