The ALLENTECH HC Full Contact Internal Floating Roof is the most advanced and efficient aluminum IFR available to the petrochemical industry today.

“HC” Full-Contact Type

Constructed of a series of seal-welded interlocking aluminum honeycomb modules, the ALLENTECH HC IFR is rugged and durable. The average size ALLENTECH HC IFR provides more than 350% excess buoyancy – far exceeding typical buoyancy of other designs and with its ultra low profile, the ALLENTECH HC IFR maximizes tank capacity and minimizes filling losses.

Independent laboratory tests have shown our patented hook and pin joint provides a seam nearly as efficient as a welded seam.

  • Each floating roof module is seal welded, pressure tested to rigorous standards and certified leak free at our integrated design and manufacturing facility prior to shipment.
  • Since components are pre-fabricated, there is no field cutting or gluing, adding to the product’s stability and customer assurance and satisfaction.

For added quality, each aluminum module skin is two and a half times the minimum API thickness. Modules are fitted with a re-sealable port to allow field-testing in accordance with API recommendations.

ALLENTECH uses custom extrusions and designs each IFR to suit each customer’s specific application. ALLENTECH’s HC IFR meets or exceeds all EPA, API, ASME and Aluminum Association codes.

The HC IFR is price competitive when compared with steel designs and also has the advantages of being able to be cable-suspended and does not require a hydrotest per API recommendations. And, because it is 100% pre-fabricated, quality control is maximized and installation is completed in less than one third the time of steel.

HC Full Contact Floating Roof

Allentech's patented HC Full Contact Floating Roof features a patented hook and pin design that independent tests confirm will provide a seam 16 times more efficient than US EPA standards. Watch our video to learn more about the benefits and quality aspects of our HC Full Contact IFR.

Allentech HC™ Full Contact Floating Roof™

The most efficient aluminum floating roof available.

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